Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Workbook: York Notes for GCSE (9-1)

York Notes
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Find everything you need to achieve your full potential with York Notes for GCSE Study Guides, now updated for GCSE (9-1).


Academic Level: GCSE (9-1)
Subject: English Language and Literature
First teaching: September 2015
First Exams: Summer 2017


To achieve top grades in English Language and Literature, you need to be confident in your use of spelling, punctuation and grammar, all of which contribute to your final grade. Devoted entirely to giving you the vital practice you need, this York Notes Workbook will build your skills, boost your knowledge and have you feeling exam-ready in no time.


Test yourself – Use each of the dedicated sections on spelling, punctuation, grammar and text organisation to test your knowledge and sharpen your skills.
Revise – Use the mix of short questions and longer ‘Test your understanding’ tasks at the end of each section to focus your revision where it’s most needed.


Check your progress  – Use the ‘SPaG Check’ at the start of the book to assess your knowledge and the ‘Progress Booster’ section at the end to bring all your skills together.
Practise  – The final exam-style ‘Practice task’ with model answers at different levels will show you what to aim for in the exam and help to boost your chances of a top grade.