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Pearson remote teaching
Your Remote Teaching Support
Perhaps you need help with your web conferencing software, taking the next steps teaching online or helping your students to stay focused while learning remotely.

We can provide you with the resources and content you need to teach online and are here to help and support you.

Click on the tab for the time you prefer (on the day you want to join the live session) and follow the on-screen instructions
 Daily Morning Support 11:00-11:30
 Daily Afternoon Support 15:00-15:30

 Evening Support 18:30 (Thursdays only)
 Weekend Support 11:00 (Saturdays only)

We are happy to support you
Wendy Nash-Steer
Our call-in meetings will be available until 31st of May 2020.

Do you need more details or help quickly? Or none of these sessions are convenient? Get in touch with your local ELT consultant!