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Welcome to our Roadmap: Ready to go lessons!

What are Ready to go lessons?

Ready to go lessons are a set of lessons taken from our most popular courseware and packaged to make them easy to use online. Each lesson includes a student pdf and a teacher pdf. There may be extra material, for example audio files or additional optional activities too. While the full Roadmap package includes an additional video lesson, we have chosen not include it here so as to keep file sizes small.

What’s in the Roadmap lesson pack?

If you usually use a coursebook in class, you’ll find the contents familiar. Each lesson includes the main coursebook pages as well as any related content. For the core lessons (A, B, C) that includes any back-of-book material: Student A/B material from the communication bank, the grammar reference and practice from the grammar bank and the vocabulary extension from the vocabulary bank. As well as the three core lessons, Roadmap units include a lesson D, English in Action, that focuses on more functional language, as well as skills development in listening, reading and writing (Develop your … lessons).


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