Longman Active Study Dictionary 5th Edition CD-ROM Pack

British English Dictionaries
Pearson Longman
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Edition 5

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Fully updated with a brand new design, the Longman Active Study Dictionary comes with cutting-edge software to build vocabulary even faster.The Longman Active Study Dictionary now highlights the 3000 most common words to help students target the words they really need to know. New Collocations and an Integrated Thesaurus help students expand their vocabualry. New Signposts help students find the meanings of words quickly.The Longman Active Study Dictionary includes increased language coverage, new words and a particular focus with the Academic Word List, making it the most comprehensive intermediate learner's dictionary available.


  • 100,000 words, phrases and meanings, including the Academic Word List
  • 40,000 corpus-based examples
  • Integrated Thesaurus explains 6000 synonyms, antonyms and related words
  • 20,000 Collocations show typical word combinations
  • Clear definitions written using only 2000 common words

Interactive CD-ROM featuring the Longman Vocabulary Trainer

  • Full contents of the Longman Active Study Dictionary with all words and examples pronounced
  • Longman Vocabulary Trainer - the quickest way to learn and revise vocabulary
  • Pronunciation Trainer - improves pronunciation and intonation
  • Study Centre - interactive exercises to practise reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabualry
  • Exam preparation for PET, KET, FCE and IELTS

Free one-year online access to the Longman Dictionaries Online website with regualr updates and access to the very latest language support.

Go mobile with the Longman Vocabulary Trainer that can be downloaded to your PDA or mobile phone.