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Gold Experience 2nd Edition A1 Teacher's Book with Online Practice & Online Resources Pack

Gold Experience
Pearson Education
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Preparing for exams prepares students for life Gold Experience offers an engaging experience in teaching Cambridge exams to teens. The second edition continues to provide the perfect balance between preparing for exams and building language and skills for the real world, now with an up-to-date content and a fresh design.  A wealth of video resources immerses students in authentic language with a range of accents, allowing them to meet real people and explore the issues that interest them.  New digital tools support teaching and lesson planning, as well as motivating students in the classroom and on the go with the Pearson Mobile App.  Eight levels create a realistic, satisfying pace of learning, taking teen students from A1 right up to C1 Advanced. 


The Teacher’s Book contains:


● Teaching notes with additional classroom ideas, including for mixed ability classes and fast finishers. ● Exam information, including differences between the Student’s Book activities and those in the exam.

● Sections on classroom methodology, for example teaching for exams, flipping the classroom, developing students as independent learners, teaching with projects and teaching with readers.

● Advice on what makes a solid answer, a good answer and what acing an answer looks like from A2.

● Photocopiable audio scripts and video scripts.

● The Workbook answer key.


Teacher’s Online Resources are on the Pearson English Portal. The access code is in the front of the Teacher’s Book


Online Practice


Teacher access the learning management system for online practice and can:


● Assign tasks to the whole class, groups or individual students.

● Automatically mark to save time.

● View how individual students and the whole class are progressing overall, and by skill.