Duffy and Armitage: York Notes for GCSE

York Notes
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York Notes for GCSE offer an exciting approach to English Literature and will help you to achieve a better grade.  This market-leading series has been completely updated to reflect the needs of today's students.  The new editions are packed with detailed summaries, commentaries on key themes, characters, language and style, illustrations, exam advice and much more.  Written by GCSE examiners and teachers, York Notes are the authoritative guides to exam success.


Take Note for Exam Success!

York Notes offer an exciting approach to English literature. This market leading series fully reflects student needs. They are packed with summaries, commentaries, exam advice, margin and textual features to offer a wider context to the text and encourage a critical analysis.

York Notes, The Ultimate Literature Guides.

Table Of Contents

Carol Ann Duffy

  • Havisham
  • Elvis's Twin Sister
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Salome
  • Before You Were Mine
  • We Remember Your Childhood Well
  • Education for Leisure
  • Stealing

Simon Armitage

  • from Book of Matches, “Mother, any distance greater than a single span”
  • from Book of Matches, “My father thought it...”
  • Homecoming
  • November
  • Kid
  • from Book of Matches, “Those bastards in their mansions”
  • from Book of Matches, “I've made out a will; I'm leaving myself”
  • Hitcher

Pre-1914 Poetry Bank

  • Ben Jonson: On my first Sonnet
  • William Butler Yeats: The Song of the Old Mother
  • William Wordsworth: The Affliction of Margaret
  • William Blake: The Little Boy Lost and The Little Boy Found
  • Charles Tichborne: Tichborne's Elegy
  • Thomas Hardy: The Man He Killed
  • Walt Whitman: Patrolling Barnegat
  • William Shakespeare: Sonnet 130 - “My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun”
  • Robert Browning: My Last Duchess
  • Robert Browning: The Laboratory
  • Alfred Tennyson: Ulysses
  • Oliver Goldsmith: The Village Schoolmaster
  • Alfred Tennyson: The Eagle
  • Gerard Manley Hopkins: Inversnaid
  • John Clare: Sonnet